Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crazy Sleeper

Peeper's usually a pretty sedate sleeper.

She'll nurse several times, mostly in the moring, and she'll flip back and forth between snugging me and snugging Shrike, but that's usually about it. 

On occassion, though, she gets the spinsies. 

This is how we put her to bed (photo from a few weeks ago):

This is what I found when I went to bed last night:

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  1. I love that there's a million pictures of Shrike sleeping on the inter-webs. It makes me giggle. Never mind how completely and totally adorable that Peeper is. That goes without saying. ;-) Good thing that Shrike's not a spinning sleeper or you'd have to take a picture of the couch as 'where I slept'. hahaha!


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