Monday, April 26, 2010

Congratulations, DoulaK!

DoulaK's little BabyBoyK was born this afternoon, and I hope he likes older women, because Peeper is already smitten, based on the one photo that we got with the birth announcement text.

(Aren't all births announced via text message these days?)

Actually, Peeper wanted in on the action even before he was born.

DoulaK texted me around noonish, saying that things were underway. Not too actively yet, I assume, because we texted back and forth a couple of times.

Then, Peeper took the phone and started punching buttons, and the next thing I know, it says it's calling DoulaK and the little call timer is at 5, 6, 7. . . 10 seconds!

I'm saying, "No! Stop! Give me the phone, Peeper! Don't do that! She's busy!"

Which DoulaK could evidently hear, because by the time I got the phone away from Peeper, and said, rather timidly, "Hello?" she was just cracking up on the other end of the line.

"I am so sorry!" I said. "That was Peeper!"

She said, "Oh, how sweet! I was at her birth, so she wanted to be at mine!"

I apologized again, told her "good luck" one more time, and hung up to let her get back to, you know, birthing a baby!

Later, when we got the text with the photo, Peeper kept taking the phone, looking at the photo and signing "baby."

Then she pushed buttons and tried to call like three times before I was able to get the phone away and keep it away.

I really hope that I got it hung up before it rang, or that they just saw some missed calls (followed by a text apology) later, rather than trying to answer the phone over and over and finding no one there!

I did finally manage to get control of my phone long enough to forward the photo to my email, so Peeper could look at it on the computer instead, and stop bothering them!

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