Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daily Peep: Potty Talk

As I've mentioned before, we have a potty chair in the bathroom, and Peeper thinks it's great fun to play with.

She seems to have a bit of an idea what it's for, but doesn't really seem to see it as a necessity.

Not only has she squatted and peed in the floor heating vent a couple of times, but lately, she's squatted and peed on the same exact spot on the bathmat, several times.

Now, you might think that poor mat's been spending a lot of time in the washing machine, but I figure if she's going to keep doing it, what's the point in rushing it off the laundry, just to be peed on again.

On the other hand, I've been a pet owner for about a million years longer than I've been a parent, so I just keep having this nagging thought that, "Well, of course she's going to keep peeing on it, as long as she can smell . . . Oh, wait."

So, basically, before and after her bath, she wanders around the bathroom, periodically squatting.

And I follow her around with the bowl from the potty chair, shoving it under her butt everytime she bends down.

Sometime she ignores it, but other times, like tonight, she has a seat for a little while.

There were a few drops of something in it when she stood up. It might have been drips of bath water, or she might have actually peed in it.

I'm kind of hoping she didn't, though, because, well, this:


  1. I'm curious, what does the sign for pee-pee look like?

  2. Nature's Miracle: for dogs, for cats, and now for children!!

  3. LadyKay - Check the video "Signing and Talking" that I posted on 3/12. She signs "pee-pee" at the very end.


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