Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daily Peep: My New Favorite Peep-Suit

This is one of two rompers (is that what they're called?) that Peeper got for Christmas from Uncle BabyBro and HerLovelyAunt.

This is the first you've seen of it, because at the time, it was huge on her, and both the sleeves and legs hung down way past her little hands and feet.

Not so much, anymore.

If you can't tell from the photos, it's a light "thermal" material, which will be great for our (still chilly) spring (if it ever arrives).

I guess I'd better try on the other outfit they gave her, too!


  1. Try the other ones on her. Children have a way of growing when we're not looking, it seems. Is she on another growth spurt?

  2. I'm planning to put it on her today. They're the same size, so I figure it should fit, too.

    From late October to late January, she grew 2 inches, but most of that time was before she got the jammies. Not sure how tall she is now, but I'm guessing she's grown some more!


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