Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Peep: Fashion Show

I poked around in the bin of "too big" clothes this evening, and it turns out that some of the 18-months things are actually "just right" and even bordering on "too small."

She might have to wear this dress over jeans (that's something the kids are doing these days, right?) because it's none too roomy in the shoulders and might not make it to summer.

And I guess a long-sleeved onesie under a short-sleeved polo onesie would be okay, right? I hope so, because there are three of them, and they have no extra room in the length.

Too much, with the "popped" collar?

I figure she can wear them with pants or jeans for now, and save the denim skort (SKORT!) for when it gets a little warmer.

Or Babylegs.

She needs about another half-inch of leg length to be able to get herself into this chair without help.

But once she's in, she's IN!

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