Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ask Me Anything: What is an AP Lesbian family?

What is an AP Lesbian family?

A couple of days ago, I referred to a playdate with two other "AP lesbian families."

AP is Attachment Parenting. Which has nothing to do with being lesbians, but those happen to be two big things that we have in common with these two families.

Last summer, within a span of about two weeks, we met two other lesbian couples with sons about Peeper's age (one a month older, one a month younger). As we got to know them, we learned that they have similar "parenting styles" as we do, which would be best described as "attachment parenting."

We very much enjoy spending time with them, not only because they are just nice people and the kids play well together, but because it's nice to be with other people with whom we're on the same wavelength, in terms of such things as breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, and the like, who, at the same time, understand some of the unique challenges and bonuses of being a two-mom family.


  1. Duh, I feel kinda dumb asking that question now!
    I should have known that. I wish babywearing was more popular when my youngest was born, she is now 12, I would have loved it.My oldest daughter
    has said she would def. baby wear IF and WHEN she ever has a baby, Im not getting any younger here people!
    Donna, NY

  2. When I say Im not getting any younger , I mean I had my oldest daughter when I was 18, she`s almost 27 now and I really thought i was going to be a "young" grandma. But she doesnt plan on having kids any time soon. Forget my son it`s best if he doesnt have any right now too! Theres always the 12 yr. old (in 10 or so years of course!)
    Donna, NY


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