Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNOMG, It's Our Anniversary!

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary.

Or, as it's known in some parts, our "wedding" anniversary.


Unfortunately, we celebrated by Shrike being snowed in at work last night and tonight. Well, not actually at work, but she spent the night with her sister, who lives much closer to work than we do.

This is on the heels of staying there last Friday night, during Snowpocalypse I.

(Or, as I read somewhere, last week's storm was "Snowpocalypse" and this one is "Snoverkill.")

The snow has stopped, but there's a damn lot of it out there. The interstate is closed in BlueState (Although, WorkState has managed to keep their portion of it clear enough to stay open.) so she couldn't have gotten home tonight, even if she'd tried.

We're assuming (dangerous, I know) than that plows will be running all night and all day tomorrow, and since no more is expected to fall, she should be able to make it home when she gets off work tomorrow evening, around nine.

I sure do hope so.

In the meantime, "Happy anniversary, honey!"

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