Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Noun + Adjective = ???

So, what do you make of this?

This evening, Peeper was nursing, and more than once, she stopped and signed "stinky."

So I asked her (somewhat rhetorically, but hey, ya never know) to clarify.

"What's stinky? Is your diaper stinky?"

(She's actually not too bad about telling us when it is.)

"Is my breath stinky?"

(Yeah, she tells us that, too. Especially in the morning.)

She stopped, looked at me, signed "milk" and then "stinky."

"Are my goodies stinky?!?" I asked.

Then I remembered that, despite having washed them, my hands - one of which was supporting the breast from which she was nursing - were still pretty stinky, from a dish sponge I'd been using a little while before.

(Yes, the sponge went right in to the dishwasher with that load of dishes. I'm sure it smells much better now.)

So, I can certainly see how she would have the impression that my breast itself was stinky.

And I'm pretty sure she signed a sentence to tell me so.

Great. I can just hear it now:

"Hey, Mama, what was my first sentence?"

"Oh, you told me my boobs stink."

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  1. :D My oh my, what a little scent critic she is, lol!


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