Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Metabolic Follow-Up

We've got an appointment at the Children's Hospital of BigCity tomorrow, for one last (we assume) follow-up on Peeper's questionable newborn metabolic tests.

You might remember that when she was seven weeks old, her tyrosine level was down to almost normal, so the doctor said that means she doesn't have any metabolic disorders, but he wanted us back in March, to get another look at her blood and urine, so that he could see it actually within the normal range before releasing her.

Well, we were a little busy in March, what with the open-heart surgery and all, and we're just now getting there.

(In our defense, we called in October or November and this was the first appointment they could offer us!)

I'm torn between feeling guilty for waiting so long, and feeling silly for even bothering, this far down the road, but we're going.

It won't be a fun trip, I'm sure, but I keep reminding myself how much easier it's bound to be than the first time we went - at eleven days post-partum, lugging a breastpump, and terrified that she might actually have a problem.


Piece o'cake!

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