Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Hairy Situation

You may have noticed that Peeper's hair is often rather, um, dishevelled.

Often what you're seeing is her "I just got out of the tub and towel-dried my hair," look, but not always.

Other times you're seeing her "I just woke up" or "I just took off the hood of my very staticky fleece jacket" or "I don't know what happened!" looks.

The bit sticking out over her ears are just awkward toddler hair, and we just have to wait them out, but the back.

Oh dear.

What is going on back there?!

The moment she lays her head against anything and picks it back up, all the hair back there is standing straight out, and then it does all sorts of things.

This evening, we noticed that she actually had a little tangle in it. I was afraid we might have to get professional assistance (we have haircuts scheduled for tomorrow - two weeks late, because she's been sick), but with the help of some detangler and an actual comb (we usually use a soft brush on it), I got it out.

The detangler, by the way, was a shower gift. Thank you thank you thank you, to whomever looked at Shrike's straight, fine hair (or mine, if it was someone who didn't know the whole story) and thought, "That poor child is going to need some No-More-Tears!"

So, detangler, and a comb, while she was in her high chair, distracted by food, and the tangle came right out, and her whole head was smooth and beautiful.

These photos were taken about fifteen minutes later:


  1. Some of my least favorite memories of your childhood are of trying to de-tangle your hair. I used "No More Tangles" I think it was named. The "Tears" was shampoo. You had long straight hair as was the style. Lady Kay insisted that yours be stylish, like hers. I always hated that look, but who was I to say what girls were to where? If I had to do it again, I would ignore the style and have something comfortable for both of us.

  2. It almost looks as if her hair is trying to curl at the back. It's a lovely colour, and looks like angel hair. It's probably all over the place because it's so fine.

  3. Anonymama - You're right about the name; that was a typo. For what it's worth, as much as I hated having the tangles brushed out, I did love having my hair long, so it was worth it.

    Anonymous - It curls quite a bit in the back, when it's not frizzed out like this. It curls everywhere when it's wet, actually.

  4. Ok, two things learned:

    1 - We can no longer just wipe her hair into place, or count on the soft baby brush. A comb is required.

    2 - The detangler is required. Daily, I suspect.

  5. Update: Our beautician says that it's the newborn hair that's so fuzzy and frizzy on the back of her head, and as it gets longer and she trims the tips, that will come off and it will get much neater. Whew!


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