Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Date Night: The Sequel

I guess I never really reported on our date night a couple of weeks ago, because it segued so quickly into the Night of a Thousand Vomits.

But, right up until that point, it was rather nice.

We dropped Peeper off with Shrike's parents and went to dinner at one of the less child-friendly restaurants in town.

We've taken Peeper there a couple of times - for our anniversary / Valentine's Day last year, and another time when she was maybe six or seven months old (maybe for one of our birthdays? Mother's Day?) - and didn't really feel comfortable; a little too worried about her disturbing people.

Of course, what's the first thing we saw when we walked in this time? High chairs. Kisd. Coloring on their kid's menu. That comes with colors.

When did that happen?

Anyway, so we had a lovely dinner, of shrimp bisque and three-cheese garlic bread, and a bit of wine. (Woo hoo!)

When we called to check in, they told us that Peeper was doing great, but starting to get a little sleepy, and when we got there to pick her up, we peeked in through the window in the door, and saw her playing happily.

Tonight's date went more or less exactly the same, except that we also ordered some food to go for a MOMS Club family that's got a new baby (we used our "buy one entree get one free" coupon on them, because we prefer bisque and cheesey bread), and after we picked Peeper up, we dropped that off to them.

They live a little ways away, so Peeper had herself a power nap on the way, and is still up - but unlike two weeks ago, she's happy and, more importantly, not puking, so we'll deal with it.

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