Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily Peep: Snoverkill

Yep, the pups are still here. But they're dogs now.

Here they are, watching the neighbors dig out.

And here's Peeper, checking out the snow.

Remember that trench she was standing in on Saturday? That's the lower section behind her.

When I put her in the snow, she sank up to about mid-thigh, and then sat down the rest of the way. There was, of course, still several inches of packed snow under her feet.

This pile includes snow plowed up from the road, and snowblown from the driveway.

Shrike got home about half an hour ago, and she and Peeper are in the other room cracking each other up. Huzzah!


  1. Because I am.. well.. me... I have to ask this. I noticed it in the last set of 'Peeper's outside!' pictures.... does she hate having her coat closed/zipped? I remember when Deion was a smaller child he wasn't fond of the zipper because it was too constricting and now I can't get him to wear a coat at all. I stopped threatening him about 2 years ago because I felt bad that my Dad was wasting money purchasing coats for him that he never, ever wore. I left for work before he did for school so he got away with it, the little devil.

  2. She doesn't seem to mind the zipper, but we rarely zip it, because we're just going from the house to the car, and we prefer it unzipped and open while she's actually in the car, both to get a snugger fit with the carseat straps, and because it gets quite warm in the car pretty quickly.

    She has a crocheted (Knit? I dont' know the difference.) blanket that lives in the car, and we put it over her after she's all buckled in, til the heater gets going.

    She loves it and always gets all happy when we put it on, because then she can play peekaboo with it.

    We had a fleece liner for the carseat, which worked great last winter, but for some reason doesn't work as well with the big seat, or with her moving more or its velcro is worn or something, so we blew it off.

    Also, she got too warm, all bundled up in it, whereas she can toss the blanket overboard once the car warms up.

    Of course, this is the kid who pulls the hood off her head and laughs as the icy wind whips through her hair!

  3. LOL, I noticed the same thing. I was resisting the urge to say, "Zip that baby's coat!" Seriously, my feet are cold, you better bundle her up.

  4. Also, in these photos, those are fuzzy footy jammies under her overalls!

  5. Yeah, I noticed them, 'cause Peeper wears her pink pajamas in the winter when it's cold! :D

  6. I, too, was bothered by the unzippedness. But as a good grandmother, i ssid nothing! But since we are on the subject, what about her fingers? Are they uncovered?
    Glad Shrike made it home safely. Enjoy it all, but when does it melt?

  7. Yeah, I noticed the lack of mittens too; my hands have been FREEZING the last couple of days. Today I was wearing my gloves while I typed on my laptop while I was at the high school - that's quite a trick.

    BTW Whozat, the snow is pretty and your kid is cute, even if we don't approve of how you dressed her, lol. Please don't punish our nosiness by withholding pictures!

  8. She's not wearing mittens, but her jacket sleeves do pretty much cover her hands.

    We do own some mittens, but they are way too big for her and, see above, we're usually just going out to the car, putting her under a blankie and cranking up the heat.

    In these photos, the temps were around 30ish, which is pretty normal for us in winter, and we were outside for eight minutes, according to the time stamps on the photos :-)

    She actually touched the snow with her hands a couple of times and looked at it curiously, but didn't complain about it.

    Don't worry, though, if we were going out sledding or something, we'd put mittens on everybody!

    We're also very glad to have Shrike home, and that she's off work today. She has to go in tomorrow, but will be off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Yahoo!

    I expect we'll have snow everywhere for quite a while, depending of course, on temperatures, rain, additional (God forbid!) snowfall, etc, and the huge piles of it - like around the edges of parking lots, where it's all been plowed up, will be there into March or possibly even early April.

  9. hahahaha!!!!! Whozat, zip her up, glove her, hat her, and even if it's only for 8 minutes... she needs to be in one of those 'Christmas Story' snow suits with her arms out to the sides. LOLOL So funny! ;-) I do so love the naked picture of her outside.. and for that one I would have asked if she's abandoned clothing all together!! haha!


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