Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily Peep: Sleepy

Lately, Peeper's gotten herself back into a late-to-bed-late-to-rise routine, which we're hoping to change back to the 9:30ish - 9:30ish thing she was doing for a while.

The past few evenings, it's looked promising, but then she's crashed around 7:30 or so - too late to stay down for the evening, but much too late for a nap if she's going to bed at a decent hour!

Tonight, she started drooping around that time, but through a bath, and some and playing and silliness and putting her off when she was asking to nurse - "Let's brush your teeth, then we'll get goody and go night-night" - "Oh look, would you like to read this book first?" - I managed to keep her awake until nine.

It's now 11:30, so if this turns out to be a nap, we are really screwed.


  1. She did. Things got a little dicey around 1:30 am, when we went to bed, and she realized Shrike was home.

    Shrike wanted to get up for a while, but Peeper woke up and cried every time she got out of bed.

    Welcome to my world, honey!


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