Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daily Peep: Panda Pics - 16 Months (69 weeks, 6 days)

The past few months, since Peeper's been mobile, the panda photos have been a bit challenging, because she has wanted to charge the camera, rather than posing.

Today though, she was incredibly cooperative, and seemed to know exactly what she was supposed to do!

As you can see from this special behind-the-scenes video, she even gave Mr. Panda hugs on command!

Then we took a little break, to see Mommy off to work.

Then back to the photo shoot. This time, she seemed to want to recreate some of her poses from the early months.

Eleven months:

Seven months:

Ten weeks:

Five days:

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  1. I think she is saying "hug" there and "hi" too. She also seemed a littled confused when you told her to tell Grandma and Grandpa "Hi." Ii looked like she was thinking, "Huh? They aren't here..."


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