Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Peep: Ouch

I went out to dinner this evening with the gals from MOMS Club, and Peeper stayed with Papa for a couple of hours.

Shrike's mom had to work late, but her dad offered to watch Peeper on his own, despite the fact that, as he put it, "Mom is usually the primary entertainer."

I got a little apprehensive about going out to dinner at 7 pm when Peeper went down for a nap at 1 pm (very early) and only slept an hour, but she was hanging in there, and had not fallen asleep despite nursing in bed around 6 pm, and then in my lap right before we left, and didn't even fall asleep in the car on the way over.

(I was actually hoping for one of those five-minutes-in-the-car-and-now-I'm-up-for-four-hours power naps, but no.)

The first thing she did when we got there was walk across the room, trip over her own feet and stumble into a child-sized rocking chair (that was Papa's when he was a little boy).

From where we were standing, it looked like she'd caught herself, but the way she cried made me suspect otherwise.

When I picked her up after dinner, I think I got my answer about that.

(The photos aren't great quality. I took them while sitting on the toilet, peeing and trying to keep her from climbing into my lap. Not because I was peeing, but because I was trying to take pictures of her.)

Other than that, I had a great time at dinner - we went to a Hibachi grill, which I've only done once before, and it was a lot of fun watching the guy cook our meal, set it on fire, throw it at us, and such.

Right after I'd given the waitress my credit card, Shrike's dad called to say that Peeper was "starting to get cranky" and that "all I can do is carry her around."

(Yep, that sounds about right.)

So, I took off as soon as I was done paying, and was back at Shrike's parents' house by around 8:30 pm.

When I got there, I peeked through the window in the door to see how things were going (We always do that. Shhhhh. Don't tell them). Shrike's dad was holding Peeper, and she was wailing!

Shrike's mom was home, and they said that Peeper had started crying when she came in, just a couple of minutes before I got there.

She thinks that she scared her, coming in the back way, from the garage, but I suspect that when she heard a door, she thought it was going to be me, and then it wasn't.

Or, maybe she'd just hit her limit.

At any rate, she got happy as soon as I got to her.

Does that ever stop being the coolest thing ever? I hope not.

She actually stayed awake in the car on the way home, then played a while, and nursed - without falling asleep - then played more, and took a bath and played some more before finally going to be around 10:30.

Crazy kid.


  1. i always say, when they start walking, their faces become target number one! lol. alice has had a couple of black eyes already.

  2. No, that doesn't stop being the coolest thing ever.... but wait until their old enough to NOT want you to come for them. When Deion was around 2 1/2 or 3 and he'd spend a weekend a month at my Dad's he'd get so mad at me when I came to get him on Sunday. He'd cry as I got there, cry while I was gathering his stuff, cry while I talked with my Dad and Vickie, cry while we walked down the stairs... and cry the entire hour back to our home town which was yours at the time, too. So. Much. Fun. There was a lot of reassuring that 'You'll go back soon. I promise you'll see Grandma and Grandpa soon.'


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