Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sowing Her Oats

Peeper eating oatmeal, and being silly.

And maybe, just maybe, around the 6:20 mark, saying "baby?"


  1. DEFINITELY saying baby ;)

    Go Peeper!

  2. I agree, "Baby."

    I think I remember that sometimes the suction cups would stay better if you dampened them first. If you do that I would suggest attaching it to her placemat rather than the pretty wooden table though.

    BTW, cool spork! :D

  3. Yes, that was "baby" without a doubt! Way to go Peeper! I'm sure she's fine, and she'll soon be talking non-stop. Having said that, though, parents always know their kid best, and if you have a gut feeling about something, or you think something may not be quite right, you should always follow your instinct. Be persistent in asking questions and don't let anyone, ie. doctors, brush you off. Chances are, everything will turn out okay. But if there is something going on, then you're in line early for extra assistance. I had to do that with my second daughter.

  4. Watching it again (bring her back!) and yes, that is "baby." She also started signing baby when you said she was a big girl. Hmmm, coincidence?

    As to the posiible intervention needed issue, do you have any idea what sort of things they do to work with a kid that has verbal, but not other issues? If so, you could just start adding some of them into your play, etc. just in case. Of course you're not a speech therapist, but you are an educator and if she has any issues I would think they are very minor and maybe just a leeeetle boost...


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