Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lovin' The Spoonfuls

Peeper's been doing pretty well with "loaded" spoons and forks, but this is the first time she's actually had the opportunity to scoop up the food herself.


  1. Yes, she definitely says "Aye yi yi!" :) She doing great, but I have an observation. It looks like she would be able to scoop better if the food was piled on the other side of the bowl, it looks like that is where her spoon is heading, rather than the side you are piling it on. Also, have you tried having yourself a bowl and spoon at the same time so she can mimmick you as she is using hers?

  2. Also, I'm utterly amazed that she keeps her hands out of her hair. I swear, the first thing mine did when they had messy hands was run them through their hair. :P

  3. She really is doing great with that spoon. But maybe an ergonomic spoon would make it easier for her to scoop the food. You can buy them, or with a little brute force, bend a regular metal spoon. I guess you couldn't do that to plasic without breaking it.

  4. LadyKay - Her hair is usually the first place things go. I was also amazed that she only had a little bit of yogurt in it last night.

    I guess you can't see it well in the video, but I was piling the yogurt in the spot that she was scooping.

    I think a shallower bowl would work better - at least until she's taller!

    This is the smallest of the suction cup bowls that we got for Christmas. Now that I've seen it in action, I think I might look for some shallower ones.

    The suction cup is definitely a necessity right now!

    And, she does seem to be (as of a couple of days ago) occassionally mimicing nonsense things that we say (like the Ay-yi-yi), but won't do it again when we tell her too.

    This is progress though, and I'm very happy to hear it.

    Anon - I've seen lots of different curved/bent utensils out there. I think we might try out some of them.

  5. There are variations on the ergonomic spoon, but the best one I've seen looks like this: when you hold the spoon in front of you, with the handle horizontal, the bowl is actually facing you, and is slightly lower than the handle. So there's a right angle bend (and a dip) between the handle and the spoon, and all the baby has to do is dip the spoon into the food, and since the spoon's bowl is already facing the baby's mouth, the food will go straight in. What could possibly go wrong?


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