Thursday, January 14, 2010

Attention Mother of the Year Award Judges

Today, while washing my hands after a rather, um, productive visit to the bathroom, I got distracted at the mirror (transfixed by my own beauty, no doubt).

Then, out of the corner of my ear I heard a little splish-splash and turned to find that Peeper had lifted the lid on the not-quite-flushed toilet and was fishing.


  1. Oh joy! Perhaps it's time to check out something like this.

    They look better than the homemade velcro system I used.

  2. Oh, we have toilet locks. They are sitting on the dresser in their boxes.

  3. LOL, make sure you put that in your MOTY application. :D

  4. If she sees this post when she is a teenager, Gawd help you.


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