Friday, December 25, 2009

Second Christmas

Dear Peeper:

Today is your second Christmas, and you are sick. You have an ear infection, and now an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. I am so sorry.

I just keep telling myself that we'll be able to look back on this and, well, maybe not laugh, but at least say, "Remember that one crappy Christmas when Peeper was a year old, and had an ear infection? That was awful!"

At least you're too young to have any expectations for Christmas, so you don't know to be disappointed that you're sick.

I guess that's some sort of consolation.

Other than feeling yucky the past few days, I hope that you've enjoyed yourself this holiday season.

Actually, it's really just getting started for us, as we've still got both the big family events to go, so hopefully you'll be feeling better for those.

You did about as well as could be expected last night at dinner and at church. I wish you'd been able to sleep all the way through the service, but at least you rallied long enough for us to go at all.

Of course, Santa Claus came last night, and this morning you found your presents from him - a train, a Dressy Bessy doll, your very own (toy, non-photo-taking) camera, two 2-CD sets, and a toothbrush - and opened your presents from Mommy and Mama - a turtle tambourine / washboard, two books and some baby cookie/crackers, and from a couple of friends - a guitar, a piano and a panda mug.

It looks like you're about ready to start a band!

Unfortunately, Mommy had to go to work, so you and I are on our own for the evening. So far, we've mostly napped and nursed and felt yucky, and lather, rinse, repeat.

Tomorrow, we get a break from the festivities, and then on Sunday we'll go to Eena and Papa's house to open gifts with Mommy's family. Then, on New Year's Eve, we'll fly to Texas to do it all over again down there.

I sure hope you're feeling all better by then.

I am so, so sorry that you're sick, honey, but I hope you've had a Merry Christmas anyway.

I love you, my little elf!


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