Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help Me, Interwebs!

So, I have gotten a few answers on my logistical questions about this White House VIP Reception or VIP Tour or Open House Tour - I've seen it referred to as each of these things, over the course of the past week.

I can take in a small bag, but there is no coat check. So, I'm thinking that if I have to carry my coat around anyway, I will probably just stick things in my pockets, rather than carrying a coat and a purse (which I don't own).

I don't actually own a coat that I'm real comfortable with either, but when I went looking today, I found it hard to justify even the $40 for a cheap "lady coat" if I'm never going to wear it again.

So, I might just wear my current black suede-ish? jacket. It will really just be a black lump on my arm, anyway.

The more I hear and think about it, the more I think we're just going to be walking around looking at pretty stuff and the less likely I think it is that we're going to be conversing with, or even seeing, the Obamas themselves.

But, you never know.

So, after not finding a coat, I bought not one, but two red sweaters, because I'm starting to chicken out about the outfits I bought the other day.

I am much more comfortable in the sweater options, but I just don't know what's best.

So, help me!

First, there's the LGBT roundtable with our senator and his staff. I want to go more businessy for that one.

Here are my options:

Choice A - Off-white blouse with red blazer and black wool pants

The blouse is a little big, as are the pants, so it wants to ride up and get untucked and messy looking. It's also just a bit too low cut (wants to show my tanktop, which I will be wearing, because it's very thin and requires something camisoley) and the collar doesn't want to stay put either.

I suspect I will spend the whole meeting doing this

and this.

Choice B - The same thing, with a black turtleneck sweater. This is much more physically comfortable, and much more "me."

But do I look like somebody that a senator might listen to?

Specifically, to I look like a dyke that a senator might listen to?

Then there's the reception / tour / open house / whatever at the White House. I will be wearing Peeper in a black Sleepy Wrap (thanks DoulaK!).

She will be wearing black velvety pants and a red sweater, with her black Mary Janes and hopefully, some red socks.

I think the red socks will make the Mary Janes stand out and femme it up a bit. On her own, the sweater is very girly, but in the wrap it's hard to tell, and it sort of give the impression that she's wearing a black vest, making her look like a boy.

She could, theoretically, wear her black-with-a-big-white-bow sweater and / or the same pants in red, but I think I like this combination best.

That said, should I wear. . .

Choice A - Velvety slacks, shiny white shirt, red and black vest.

If I wear the vest open, "outside" of Peeper, you really can't see the red part.

Here, I've got her arms through the arm holes with me (it's actually several sizes too big for me), which shows it off better, but does it look silly?

Probably not as silly as this.

or Choice B - Same slacks and a red sweater.

This sweater isn't exactly the same color as Peeper's, but is very, very, very close. Close enough. It does have the same knit pattern as the top of her sweater (which is about all that shows of hers).

As you can probably tell, I am very much leaning toward the sweater options for both events, but I don't know if they look appropriate.

For what it's worth, when I checked with a very-high-up in our state Democratic Party (before I went shopping) and told her I was thinking of a black suit for the meeting and black pants with a dressy red sweater for the White House, she said I was on the right track.

So, I think it should be okay, but I'm still fretting.

What say you?


  1. I vote for the sweaters on both, I like the black sweater with the blazer. The white blouse is nice, but it does seem problematic. I don't know if I would have noticed on my own, but since you said it, it does look a little big. I think the sweater better says dyke chic too.

    For the second outfit, if you didn't have Peeper with you I would probably say the vest for dressiness sake, but I don't think it works real well with the wrap. I think any casualness of the sweater is more than made up by the matchy matchy cuteness of the mother/daughter combo. The wrap seems to dress it up a bit too, kinda of reminicent of a cumberbund, lol.

    Peepers black bow shirt is very cute, but I don't think the bow would show with the wrap.

    So, I vote for sweaters across the board.

  2. BTW, on the appropriateness of the blazer/sweater combo, it reminds me of the sort of things that Annise Parker (the new gay mayor of Houston) wears. (WOW, that's a long link!)


  3. Well, decision made then. It's obviously perfect for a power dyke :-)

  4. Because I am who I am.. I'll go with LadyKay on the 'don't wear the too big white shirt' bit. You're a skinny person. I'm very much an advocate of skinny people wearing clothing that fits them. All that said, I love red sweaters but not red blazers (Just my opinion!) and although it took me a minute to be on board with the Mama/Daughter matching outfit deal, I do think it's a great choice. The vest, while very.. um.. handsome (?) doesn't work for your carrying Peeper. Oh, yes, and the black sweater.... very, very power dyke.. and quite hot, I might add! *ducks out of the way as Shrike swings*

  5. Go with the black turtleneck. You look comfortable in it. If you're comfortable you can concentrate on getting your message across instead of worrying about what you're wearing.

  6. Do you have a kangaroo pin to wear on it? Then you could look just like the mayor. (What's up with that?)

    Seriously, I know you're not big into jewelry, but some type of necklace would be great on the black sweater. Shame you don't have that fertility thing anymore; it would probably have been perfect.

    With the second outfit I think the baby is the only accessory you need.

    Oh, and the mother/daughter outfit? It might be kinda cheesy for the occasion if she were 7, but at her age I think it is cute as can be. (Think of it as her matching you rather than you matching her; no one knows whose outfit came first. Except people on the internet.)

    BTW, I think red socks for Peeper would be perfect. Maybe lacy red socks just to make sure everyone knows she's a girl. They can tell you are a girl from the breasts.

  7. Yeah, I was wondering about the kangaroo, too.

    You're right, that necklace would have looked good with it.

    (Btw, it sure does have some powerful mojo, doesn't it?!)

    Maybe I can find something Christmasy/wintery in silver (fake silver). I'm envisioning a star or snowflake?

  8. That sounds good; I just can see some type of pendant thing on it. And as to the look, it worked well enough to get her elected.

  9. D's Mom - I'm not a huge fan of red blazers, either, actually. I think they are a bit "cliched" if that makes sense.

    That said, they didn't have a suit in my size (every size imaginable smaller or larger, though), nor a black blazer that worked with any of the pants they had.

    (All different shades of black, you know.)

    So, it's what was avaiable, and since it's Christmas time, I can live with it.

    I like it much better on the black than with the white blouse.

  10. You look most comfortable in the red sweater. (In fact, great picture, by the way, lol!) Go with what you are comfortable in.

  11. I go with Lady Kay. The sweaters both look good. I agree something in jewelry for the day outfit. Anything like that would run you nuts when carrying Peeper. And would not show. I am a fan of red blazers. Very power-dressed. You look really good in both the chosen outfits. And appropriate, I might add. I guess you already heard about the new mayor of Houston. Who would have thought of Houston to be progressive? I don't think that your bro and sil vote in Houston; they are in a suburb. Go to the WH and have a great time. If you get to meet Obama, which I agree is not probable, tell him that your mother and father are very happy with him and to get the health care bill passed and signed.

  12. I vote sweaters for both outfits. You'll look great, and I hope you have a wonderful time and get a lot accomplished!! Come on, equality!!


What say you?