Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daily Peep: Shoppin' Fools

In the past four days, I've been to Target twice and the grocery store twice. And I'm sure I'll be sending Shrike for a last-minute run right before our Christmas party tomorrow.

Here are me and Peeper picking up a few almost-last-minute things this evening.

How did I get a picture of us walking through the grocery store?

Well, you see, I'm a huge dork.

I had the camera with me, and realized that I didn't want to end up with another "Oops, she's asleep!" photo, so I actually set the camera on a shelf and used the timer.

It's got an option to take up to ten photos in a row, a few seconds apart, so I did that, as we rolled by.

Actually, we rolled back and forth in the general camera-ish area.

I'm very glad no one else decided to head down that aisle while we were there.

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  1. They did, but they turned back really quickly.


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