Monday, December 21, 2009

Daily Peep: Poor Sicky Baby

And here we go again. For the last month, every time we think she's just about all better, she gets snotty and sneezy again.

And, this time, fevery.

She woke up this morning snotting around, hot to the touch, and whiny as hell. Tylenol helped, but she was still pathetic all day.

She nursed way more than usual (and here I thought that she still nurses "all the time"), napped three times (fell asleep in my lap all three times, twice I let her stay there), and went to bed for the night (oh, please, let it be for the night) at nine o'clock.

And, in between, when the Tylenol was at maximum effectiveness, she played with Shrike and the rest of the time she just wanted me to hold her.

Standing up.

She did not want to sit in my lap, while I did stuff on the computer (and I was actually working today, on a website for Anonydaddy), but wanted to held, so a couple of different times, I put her in the wrap or sling, and just sort of wandered around wearing her (or slow danced to Christmas music on the radio).

I suppose I could've tried to accomplish some things around the house, while wearing her, and I did unload the dishwasher, but that's about as far as I got.

But mostly, it was this.

If she's not all better in the morning, I'm going to call the doctor's office and see if we can get her looked at.

She's not all that sick, but I don't like how this cold keeps coming back. Nor how she kept messing with her ears today.


  1. Like the doc said to me about #1 one December 24th, "Yep, those are Christmas red ears." Get
    'em well quick so she can fly next week.

    Oh wait, my primary concern is not when I can see her, uh, y'all. Make that poor baby! I hope she feels better soon! I hope it isn't too hard on you and Shrike taking care of her! Feel better soon Peeper!

  2. BTW, re: Twitter, concerning worn out velcro on diapers, you really might give some diaper pins a try, they really are no problem to use at all.

  3. I don't really think she's got an ear infection, if only because everytime we've been worried about that (or about chest congestion) in the past, it's turned out to all be in her nose and sinuses, but I would feel better if we could get her checked out, before we're into Christmas and then the weekend.

    Also this whole recurring thing is getting really old.

    Although, we did realize that she's been hanging out with other kids (and adults) alot more over the past month or so - her birthday party, the trip to Texas, the LLL conference, MOMS Club, our Christmas party - and is probably being exposed to a lot more germs.

    On that note, Shrike said, "Those damn Texas germs. That's why she sneezes with an accent."

  4. The "messing with her ears" thing may just mean they are stopped up from the cold and feeling funny or some such. As I imagine you remember, virtually every illness my kids had when they were little either started as or ended up as an ear infection, so I tend to jump to that conclusion. Frappa got the tubes in her ears when she wasn't all that much older than Peeper, so I guess I find a kid without ear infections amazing.

  5. When mine were sick, it was nearly always and ear infection, especially Lady Kay. Get her checked quickly or it will be Christmas and it becomes very hard to get anything done medically. Doctors have lives, too, as you well know. Poor Peeper! I hope they don't hurt. And Texans don't have an accent! Everyone else does.

  6. Ears can hurt when you have a cold, even if there's no infection, just because there's lots of fluid and pressure in there and they might be "popping." Sounds like doc should take a look, though. Luckily she can go to the comfort zone (ie. boobs) whenever she wants. If you weren't nursing, how would you help her feel better? Can you imagine giving her a plastic bottle with some artificial stuff in it? Yuk!

  7. Everytime we think there is an ear infection there isn't. Then last week, same as you, another snotty nose and a low fever. We had to go for our 1 yr shots anyway and lo and behold, a minor ear infection was causing that low grade fever. Probably best to get her checked out!

  8. We have an appointment for 10:30 am tomorrow. I'll report any findings.

    Thanks, all, for validating my concerns. I always feel like I'm being a little neurotic when I want to take her in to be checked out.

  9. Then there was the time I took Frappa in with what I knew was (another) ear infection. There was a new resident at Family Practice and when I told him I needed him to look at her ears, he very condescendingly informed me that she didn't have an ear infection, that if she did she would have higher fever and be tugging at her ears. I told him to look. He was quite flabbergasted when both ears were bright red. She never ran much fever and her ear infections were so chronic that she was used to it and didn't tug at her ears. I think it was a good lession for a new doc - Mommas know their kids. :D

  10. Alice has the same symptoms, including wanting to stand up, in between my legs or next to me... my husband just took her to the ped today and the verdict is ear infection, so it wouldn't surprise me if Peeper has one, too. Hope she feels better soon, for your sake and hers!


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