Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily Peep: Flower Girl

Here's Peeper modelling one of my recent Target impulse buys. . .

. . . while reprogramming the thermostat.

Which, actually, would be great. It's set to turn down to 68 degrees in the middle of the night, and I wake up huddled under the comforter, freezing, every morning.

Then look over at the uncovered baby sleeping next to me and feel like the Worst Mother Ever.

Tonight's impulse buy (at Kohl's, actually, not Target) was a pair of warm jammies.


  1. Ya' know, I bet you can safely cover her now. If not with the big family blanket, with one of her own.

  2. That said, blanket sleepers ROCK. I always wanted one for myself. :)

  3. I'm not sure exactly what the rule is on blankies, but she won't stand for being covered.

    Even when she's accidently fallen asleep with naked legs, and we've tried to cover them up, she kicks it off.

    She has mostly thin jammies, but we do now have a couple of thicker pairs.

    They claim to be blanket sleepers, but aren't as thick as I remember your kids wearing.

    I'm having hell finding them in 12 months, though. Lots and lots in the "T" sizes, and of course, plenty of fuzzy jammies in the smaller "months" but it's about impossible to find 12-month anything.

  4. Check these out out at Sears/Kmart. Some on sale for just $4.


  5. I had lots of those blanket jammies for my kids. When I started covering them with real blankets at about age one, they always kicked them off while wiggling around in the bed during the night. So at least I knew they were warm. I also put an undershirt on them under the jammies. I bought the kind with feet, and then when the kid started outgrowing the jammies, I just cut the feet off and put socks on them at bedtime. That way they got lots more wear out of them.

  6. When Frappa was a baby and we lived in The House With Inadequate Heat the nightime uniform was diaper, t-shirt and socks; followed by footie jammies; all covered by a blanket sleeper. I would check to see if she was warm enough by reaching in and feeling her tummy; if it was toasty warn we were good, if not I added another layer.

    Oh, and she slept between us with a zillion blankets on top, because they hadn't invented that being a bad idea yet.

  7. Another little trick I learned in that house. I kept a baby blanket at the top of the bed for me to cover my arm with, because it got cold sticking out from under the covers while I nursed.

    I learned a lot living there, from the best way to layer blankets for maximum warmth to the fact that "the wood burning stove will keep the whole house warm" is a GROSS exageration to the fact that I am a city girl at heart. Oh, and the ever helpful tucking the nursing baby's cold little hand under my breast to keep it toasty.

  8. Good idea - I get the cold arm, too.

    Any tips on what to do about the arm that goes to sleep?

  9. I got nothing for you there. BTW, the layering thing is sheet, blanket, afghan, (assorted multiples as needed) THEN a quilt. It seems like the afghan should go on top, but it is incredibly warmer with it under something because it traps air pockets. A quilt on top "seals" it all in. Which I guess explains why MIL always referred to them as "quilt toppers."


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