Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily Peep: Christmas Tree!

Updated 2:35 am: Video added

This evening, Peeper stayed with Eena and Papa while Mommy and Mama went to Lowe's and bought a Christmas tree.

This is the first time since, oh gosh, sometime in the Summer? that Peeper's stayed with someone other than us, and it seems to have gone very well.

We called to check in three times. No, we called twice to check, primarily to find out if we had time to a> play around a bit a Lowe's, looking at Christmas decorations and b> stop for a bite to eat. Then we called before we left Arby's to see if they wanted us to bring anything home for them.

(Her dad asked for a jamocha shake. Quite a bargain a couple of hours of babysitting.)

They said that she did really well, and enjoyed herself the whole time. Shrike says she didn't hear any crying over the phone, so they must be telling the truth.

Since that went well, and since she's done well staying home with Mommy while I go places, I think we might even plan ourselves a date night before too long!

By the time we got back to pick her up, she was definitely ready for a nap. She fell asleep in the car and woke up when we came in, but I got her back down.

While she was sleeping, Shrike and I worked very quickly . . . .

The tree. We're going with the lights-only look again this year. The ornaments will return next year.

All lit up . . .

and protected from little hands - and mouths.

And Mr. Snowman.

When Peeper got up from her nap, we made sure the camera was handy before we brought her in to see the tree.

She thinks it's quite interesting, but isn't so keen on that fence around it!

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  1. Wow, Peeper sure has had a lot of big stuff going on lately! First there was the wierd cold stuff all over the place outside. Then today she got to play at Eena and Papa's all by herself. Now there is this strange thing with all the pretty colored lights on it that she can't even get to to taste.

    BTW, that walking along side the couch where she could have easily held on, but didn't, is VERY impressive. :)


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