Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is Prematurity Awareness Month
The March of Dimes Fights for Preemies

November 17 is the day that was chosen by the March of Dimes and Bloggers Unite to encourage bloggers to fight for preemies.

According to the March of Dimes report on premature births, nearly 13 million babies worldwide are born prematurely each year.

Within the past year or so, that number has included a friend's son, a friend of a friend's daughter, my niece and nephew and, of course, Peeper.

For a family that's had three premature babies in a year, we have been very, very lucky. Peeper and the twins were "near term" preemies, and were all very healthy, with just a few minor issues, primarily feeding-related.

Many, many families are not nearly so lucky.

My friend SDH's little guy continues his fight in the NICU at twelve weeks old - and still about nine days shy of his due date.

And my friends M & K's little girl, born three years ago, never made it home.

Learn more about the March of Dimes and their fight to increase awareness about prematurity, to reduce the number of premature births and to help the families of babies who are born too soon.

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