Saturday, November 14, 2009

iPod Baby

Anonymama's next door neighbors, who evidently live right outside our bedroom window, are incredibly loud. They were raising a ruckus yesterday just as I was trying to get Peeper down for a nap, so I tried something new.

I queued up some classical music on my iPod, turned the volume all the way up, and laid the earbuds on my chest, while Peeper nursed.

It didn't exactly drown them out, but it gave us something to focus on other than their basketball game (or whatever was happening out there).

It was so nice that I've done it everytime we've laid down since then. I think we might stick with it when we get home. (We have actual iPod speakers there.)

I figure if she gets used to going to sleep to that music, it might even help Shrike to get her down sometime if I'm not there.

She's been pretty good about not messing with the earbuds, but she was checking it all out at one point this evening. I was mostly able to keep her from chewing on it.

iPod Baby


  1. Maybe you could figure out a hand sign for "music" so she can ask for it when she's getting ready to nurse. What a great way to teach her some music appreciation (says the music teacher.)

  2. Good idea! Glad it worked. Loud neighbors are the worst. We put Alice to sleep with this music:

    We used all the time when she was younger, and now we use it when she is having an especially hard falling asleep, like somewhere besides home.


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