Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm a Freakin' Genius

I just sent the following email to

This is probably not an original idea, but just in case it is, I thought I'd send it in.

After Thanksgiving dinner at my inlaws, I put my 13-month-old daughter down for a nap in their bedroom.

I didn't want to shut the door, because we wouldn't be able to hear her, but I knew we'd wake her up if we left it open.

What we needed, of course, was a baby monitor, but they don't have one - so I improvised.

I called my partner's cell phone from mine, put them both on speaker, and muted my microphone. Then I put her phone in the bed with the baby and left mine open on the table where we were all sitting. We could hear the baby but she couldn't hear us.

Calls to each other are free, so we weren't even using any minutes!

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  1. Frappa and I agree, you ARE a freakin' genuis. (Interested in hearing whether people say it's a new idea or not.)


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