Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Freakin' Sweet Are They?!?


  1. One week til Peeper and I get to meet them!

  2. ME TOO!!! Yeah, Kiddo1 and I are waiting to meet them 'til then too. The trip to meet them just wasn't working out for us and I didn't want to drive two hours to be somewhere for one when we'd see everyone a week later. :) My mom (LadyKay) has already met them so the holding and meeting will be all me and you (and Kiddo1 but I bet you and I will be into it more) so that's 3 babies to be held interchangably by 3 people! God does good math.

    I'm excited for Peeper to meet the cousins she'll be playing with. My cousins on my dad's side (the ones my own age) always played an important role in my life. I mean, I know she and I will love each other, and while I completely plan on being the one who brings all the kids back with glow sticks and wash-out-colored hair - I'm going to be more of an aunt than a cousin. Peeper and the twins will be playing with MY kids. It's very nice to have them but we won't have the same playmate relationship with each other so I'm very excited for them to meet each other.

  3. Oh, and while everyone is in we need to get at least 3 photos: one of Kiddo2, me, Peeper and the twins around Anonamama, one of all of us around Anonadaddy and one of all of us around both of them. We also need to get a family photo while everyone's in town - say, in front of the fireplace? You won't see the fire place part of it with all of us piled in front but you'll see the nice, neutral rock backing which - at least it did for our holiday cards that year - make a nice background for lots of people who may or may not be wearing matching clothes. Although if we think about it a little bit in advance we can say, "Everyone wear black or brown or red." - lol, like the bloods. Or green or blue or purple (although I'll tell you now, LadyKay doesn't own anything purple and the only purple shirt I have is not family photo approved.)


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