Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday, Sesame Street!

Like pretty much everyone my age and younger, I watched Sesamae street as a kid. It taught me to read and count, and much, much more.

But my favorite Sesame Street memory is much more recent than that.

When I was in college, and her kids were little, LadyKay got me turned on to Sesame Street again.

One day, she told me, "Guess what? Maria and Luis are in love!"

I don't like soaps, and there weren't many other options on tv when I got home from class in the afternoons, so I watched Sesame Street, and followed their storyline as they got married, and then had a baby.

I actually delayed my drive home for the summer, so I could watch the episode when the baby was born.

And you know I totally cried when Oscar called Maria at the hospital to congratulate her, just as the credits rolled.

I guess that baby will be 20 soon. Is she still on the show?

Are Maria and Luis still on?

I suppose I will find out soon enough, huh?

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