Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daily Peep: Greek Gunk

I suppose Peeper ought to learn to use utensils eventually, so in an effort to work on the spoon concept, I bought some Greek style yoghurt, which is about the consistency of sour cream.

My British baby feeding friends are all about it, because it sticks to the spoon well.

And to the baby. And the table. And the pajamas. And the dog.

And way more of the live-action version of this than you really care to see:


  1. Any wonder she was sneezing with yogurt in her nose? :D

    Maybe it is time for her to use a bowl so that she can scoop the spoon against it. I wonder if those suction cup bowls stay suctioned any better than they did back in the day...

  2. Yum yum, edible finger-paint! I would have been so tempted to take the spoon and feed her. You are so patient in letting her do it herself. And good for you for giving her real yogurt, not the kind with all the sugar and so-called "fruit" at the bottom.

  3. She's asking Santa for some suction-cup bowls (via my Amazon.com Wish List, if Santa is wondering about that).

    The thing with the patience is that we don't especially care how much yogurt (or anything else) gets in her, it's mostly about her learning about the flavors and textures and how to get them in her mouth.

    She's still getting the majority of her nutrition from breastmilk, and will for quite a while.

  4. I have identical pictures of McBean with greek yoghurt taken this last week. It's really amazing how much they do get in even though it's messy. I had the same thought about edible finger paint though! Lazyboo has plans to do this with McB with all sorts of foods. With the yoghurt (and cereal with milk and rice and other things) McBean has also taken to handing us the spoon for loading, then we hand it back to him. Oh and we have various suction bowls that don't stick at all but that may be the wooden table.


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