Friday, November 20, 2009

Congratulations, Dr. T!

Whoops - I meant to say something about this when I first got the news, but the email arrived literally while I was on the plane to Texas, so I got distracted.

Dr. T had her baby on November 6, and everything went well. She reports that he's doing very well and is "nursing like a champ."

(Because you know she knew that would be my first question!)


  1. Not wanting to be nosy, just the pictures of nephew, it looked like he had casts on his legs. I hope he's okay?

  2. Yes, he does have casts, but he's fine - or will be fine.

    He was born with "clubbed" feet, and the casts are straightening his ankles out.

    He'll be in them for another couple of weeks, then he'll wear little shoes with a bracing bar between them for several months.

    By the time he's ready to crawl, he'll only have to wear that at night.


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