Saturday, November 21, 2009

Any Day Now

People have been telling us for months that Peeper is "about to walk," but I think she really is now.

You saw the video from Wednesday, of her voluntarily (with coaxing) letting go and taking a few steps, and she's been doing that more and more.

Since we've been at the conference, I think she's had a lot of incentive to try to go places on her own, because there are lots of other babies to go check out.

Last night, she stood up for at least a minute or two, just like it was the most natural thing in the world.

A little while later, I was sitting in the floor, and she was sitting on my leg, and before I realized what was going on, she'd stood up (just like an adult would pop right up out of a chair) and walked about two or three steps over to another baby.

I was like, "Whoa! You're not supposed to do that!"

Today, she's been standing unassisted a lot more, and taking some more steps.

There's a twelve-year-old boy here who's taken quite a shine to her, and has made it his goal for the weekend to teach her to walk. This afternoon, she was very happy to walk back and forth (about four steps?) between us, which just made his day.

Then, this evening, she took off from my lap and walked several steps, almost to a little kitchen toy (the exact same one our library has, actually).

She made it almost there -about 2 steps away, and I think she realized what she'd done and sort of panicked.

She stopped and crouched a bit and kind of swayed back and forth and then plopped down on her booty.

It was quite impressive.

I think our days are numbered.

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