Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daily Peep: Locked Out

Waiting for Shrike's mom to come with a key.

Every time we leave the house, we have this whole goofy, "Do you have a key?" "Yes, I have a key," "Okay, good, so do I," conversation.

Except today.

Of course, we were trying to go for a really really really quick lunch before Shrike had to leave for work, so that plan was completely fucked.

We thought the neighbors across the street had a spare key, but the didn't.

I thought we'd stashed one in the backyard somewhere, but we hadn't.

We had to call Shrike's mom to come and let us in.

But, it's a beautiful day out - not cold and rainy like the past week or so, and Shrike's mom was home - not at work out of state like everyone else in her family who has keys to our house, and Peeper stays put, so we weren't trying to keep her from crawling or toddling into the road.

So, it's not so bad.


  1. At least you and she were locked out together. I was once locked out (the wind slammed the door shut behind me) while my daughter was napping. Talk about a panic attack!

  2. And Shrike was there, too, so it really was not too bad. The worst part was missing lunch, and having to fess up to both our neighbors and Shrike's mom that we'd done something so stupid.

    Your story just makes me shudder. That must have been awful. What did you do?


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