Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How I Spent My First Birthday
by Peeper

Last night, as soon as the clock said midnight, Mama and Mommy sang "Happy Birthday," to me, and Mama cried.

Later, when we were in bed, Mommy read the first part of Dr. Seuss' "Happy Birthday to You" to me, and I cried. We're going to finish the story tonight.

This morning, I snuggled in bed with Mommy and Mama, and they sang "Happy Birthday," to me, and Mama cried.

Then we got up and had breakfast. We each had our usual, plus we shared the last piece of my birthday cake and Mommy and Mama sang "Happy Birthday," to me, and Mama cried.

Then, Mama gave me some of her bagel, like usual, but today, she put a teeny bit of her honey and peanut butter on it, because I'm a big girl now!

After breakfast, Mama checked her email and saw that Auntie Kay, Frappa and Kiddo1 had sent me an ecard for my birthday. It had a ladybug on it, and was really cute.

Then we all got dressed and I opened my presents from Mama and Mommy.

I got a really cool farm . . .

. . . and some great keys that make lots of noise!

The farm animals all have hats, and they smell great!

Then Mommy, Mama and I went out for Chinese food. I ate all my usual stuff, plus a little bit of peanut chicken, because I'm a big girl!

(And because Mama says that I've been exposed to peanuts and peanut butter almost everyday, when I was in her tummy, and in her goody-milk, and when she touches me during breakfast while she's eating her peanut buttery bagel, and I've never had any problems, so she's sure I'll be fine. And I am!)

I got to play with my friend, J, whose Mommy and Daddy own the restaurant. She is almost six months old, and she shares her toys with me when we eat there. Today I pushed her walker around.

We took birthday cake to her Mommy and Daddy and her big sisters, because they are always very nice to us, and her sisters gave me a toy one time, and they feed us all the time!

These are our fortune cookie fortunes. Guess which one Mama and Mommy told me was mine?

When we got home, I was ready for a nap, but Mama made me put on my birthday clothes and take some panda pictures.

I took a nap for about thirty minutes, until the doorbell rang.

It was the mailman, dropping off a package of clothes for me, from a friend whose moms thought that they were too girly for him.

They also sent me a birthday card - and there were three more birthday cards for me - one from Uncle BabyBro and MyLovelyAunt, and one from each of my baby cousins. They're good shoppers for people who can't even hold their own heads up!

I was still very sleepy, but not sleepy enough to go back to sleep, so I played and whined for a while, and Mama finished making a video. Did you like it?

Then I finally fell asleep, and Mama made another video. Did you like it, too?

Then, Mama woke me up and we drove to Mommy's work and picked her up and went to music class.

I love music class!

Tonight, the grown-ups and big kids blew bubbles, and I tried to catch them!

Then we sang the washing machine song, and took turns shaking the bottle with little teeny clothes in it, to make more bubbles!

"We are clothes in the washing machine. We wiggle and we giggle until we are clean."

"Then Mama shakes us out to dry, and hangs us on the clothes line high!"

At the end of class, everybody sang "Happy Birthday" to me, and to a big boy in the class who is four today. And Mama almost cried.

Then Mama and I dropped Mommy off at work, and we came home and played for a while, and then I took a nap.

While I was asleep, Mama talked to DoulaK and Uncle BabyBro and MyLovelyAunt, and Grandma - who had all called to wish me happy birthday!

Since I had such a messed up nap this afternoon, Mama felt bad for me, and didn't wake me up from my nap this evening, she just let me sleep as long as I wanted.

Check back tomorrow to see how that worked out for her. . . .


  1. Ahhhhhhhh!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEEPER! How time flies!! xxxx

  2. I thought she might be down for the night, and she stayed asleep when Shrike got home, but then woke up when I moved her to bed at 1-ish and was up til 3:30 or so. That's actually not that much later than usual.

  3. So today, was she confused when there were no singing and cake? I mean, we're doing it every day, right?

    Kinda like the Christmas season when Frappa was about four when she happened to get a present somewhere, for something, everyday for about a week. She fully expected that there would be one EVERY single day. She didn't take it real well when I broke it to her that it was not the case...

  4. Well, today, we went to the mall for trick-or-treating and a costume contest, so there was weirdness again.

    Oh, and she got another birthday card, a Halloween card, and a postcard from some friends on vacation in France.

    She's going to be really unhappy tomorrow, when the only special thing that happens is a visit to the doctor and some shots!

  5. Hey, THAT'S not a fun present. :(

  6. The upshot of that Christmas was that the day that there was going to be no present, she was quite unhappy; she kept saying that she wanted her present! (She fully expected there would be one, there had been one every day for about a week from one thing or another.)

    I FINALLY got her convinced that there would be no present that day. Then a friend showed up - with a present. I still remember it was the board game "Splat" for both her and Adam. The one with Playdough in it. (Thanks Cindy.) I don't remember what happened the NEXT day though...


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