Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daily Peep: Junior Firefighter

This afternoon, we went to a small fall festival in a nearby town.

Peeper ate French fries and (no)cheese steak, swung on a swing and slid on a slide, danced to the oldies, rode a choo-choo train and rode a firetruck.

She also got to play with some firefighting gear.


  1. hehe... she looks so "grown-up" in these pics!!!

  2. I was so looking to this Fall of 09, because I knew that Alice would get to do "big kid" stuff instead of being a spectator, as she was in Fall of 08. Isn't it so fun when they get to do stuff? Looks like Peeper had a blast!

  3. They are all cute as can be, but I LOVE that close-up!


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