Friday, October 16, 2009

Daily Peep: Hummus Head

As you might remember, the first few time Peeper ate hummus, it turned her skin red for a couple of hours, everywhere that it had touched her, so she'd not had it in a while.

According to what I've read, the tahini (sesame oil) is a likely culprit, and it's a sensitivity rather than an allergy, which is often out grown.

Chickpeas are too, but she doesn't react to peanuts in my diet (or peanut butter on my hands) and she passed the plain-chickpea test last week.

Tonight, I decide to give hummus another try, with a different brand and flavor.

Before, we were eating Athenos roasted red pepper. This is Tribe tomato basil.

In the photos, you can see where I painted some on her arm, so I'd know where to look for a reaction.

You can also see that she's enjoying it!

Notice the hummus moustache.

Earlier, when I didn't have the camera in the kitchen she did pretty much the same thing with black beans, and it was rather, well. . .

How about we just say Charlie-Chaplinesque? Because that's so much better than who she really looked like.

But, more importantly, I didn't see any reaction at all, either where I'd painted her, or on her face, so I think when we finish this tub, I'll buy some roasted red pepper and we'll see how that goes.

Speaking of hummus - here's a funny hummus story:

A couple of years ago, I was helping to found an LGBT Caucus of my Democratic State Committee, and we were hosting a reception for the state committee members.

(Reception = Free beer, wine, booze and munchies in two adjoining hotel rooms until 3 am. Attended by everyone, from "I'm just here for the free booze," Dems to then-candidates, now members of the state supreme court.)

Anyway, point being - one of the things we were serving was crackers and made-at-the-store-and-self-labelled "homos."

The homos very much enjoyed the homos.

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