Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Peep: Birthday Burger

At some point in the past year, we signed Peeper up for the Red Robin Birthday Club, so last week she received a coupon for a free kid's meal.

We went this evening, and she got her-very-own-burger (she usually just mooches off my plate), with some cantaloupe and broccoli on the side.

We passed on the sundae because, although she's been tolerating some "dairy tests" pretty well, I ate a lot of cheese yesterday and we'd not yet seen how that went.

(She gave us a report on the cheese while we were at Target after dinner. The preliminary results look good, but we'll have to check back in for a final analysis in a couple of hours.)

Also, Shrike would like to blame last night's no-sleepiness on the sugar in the birthday cake. I think she may be grasping at straws.

At any rate, you know how birthdays go at these sorts of places, and a girl's first public humiliation is a big milestone, so I took my camera along:

I believe the word we are looking for here is "nonplussed."

She was more enthusiastic about her food.

And her Mommy.


  1. Hmmm, singing? That doesn't usually happen.

    Mmmmm, GOOD burger!

  2. Ok, this is making me laugh, just because it reminds me. Last year we got Mikko's first birthday club meal (his 2nd bday), and we still had to eat it all for him, so we made sure to order something we liked! I think next year he'll eat his own burger. Or at least the fries!


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