Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on My Sister-In-Law

Just got off the phone with Anonymama.

SIL is back in the hospital. They thought for a while that they were going to have to deliver the twins today, but her labs were not so bad and they got her blood pressure down, and the babies themselves are still looking great.

It could be tomorrow, but the doc will try to hold off as long as possible, without endangering SIL or the babies, of course.

The hospital's policy is that babies less than 35 weeks or less than 5 pounds go to the NICU (she'll be 35 weeks on Friday, and they are likely each over 5 pounds now), and evidently they often take c-section babies to NICU for at least a while to observe until they get their lungs cleared out and stuff, so it does sound like they'll be doing at least a little bit of time there, unfortunately.

Please keep sending go-down-blood-pressure-and-stay-in-babies mojo, please!

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