Friday, September 25, 2009

Twin Report

My sister-in-law got her labwork back and is now officially diagnosed with preeclampsia. She's been admitted to the hospital for observation, and might be able to go home tomorrow.

Her blood pressure was high this morning, but came down and stabilized later, so they're watching that and waiting to see what another 24-hour urine shows, in the way of protein.

She's 34 weeks today, which is the point at which they do not try to stop someone from going into labor with twins. (For a singleton pregnancy, it's 35 weeks.)

As of a week ago, the babies were each estimated at around 4 3/4 pounds, so are probably something over five pounds, now.

Figuring in the fact that twins mature a bit faster, they are probably now, or will very soon be, at least as big and mature as Peeper was when she was born.

Of course, she was smaller and less mature than ideal.

So, they are hoping to keep them in for as long as possible, but if they were born now, they would likely have some minor concerns, like Peeper did, and then be fine.

Anonymama tells me that, since she was officially diagnosed yesterday, BabyBro has gotten the carseats installed, set up the closet in the nursery and ordered the remaining necessities from their registry.

(They've had three showers already, I can't imagine there would be too much left that they absolutely have to have. Also, you'd be surprised what it turns out you don't absolutely have to have.)

And, they've washed all the tiny clothes. (Just between you and me, though, if they come any time real soon, none of the clothes they have will be tiny enough.)

I'm figuring that if they are that prepared, those kids are staying put for a while.

Of course, your mojo to that effect would help, too.

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