Saturday, September 19, 2009

More on the Twins

In addition to her regular OB appointment, my sister-in-law also saw her perinatologist for an ultrasound and growth scan and things are looking great in there.

They estimate that the boy weighs 4 lb 12 oz and the girl 4 lb 11 oz, which means that they are each around what we suspect Peeper might have actually weighed at birth - and a quarter pound heavier than what she weighed when we brought her home at five days old.

Of course, they are three weeks younger than she was when she was born, so their lungs probably aren't as mature, and we've certainly learned that "near term" is not nearly as good as "term" so we're hoping for them to stay put for a few more weeks.

Any mojo you've got to that effect would be greatly appreciated.

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