Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look Hands, No Ma!

Here's Peeper's "new" toy in action:


  1. YOU might not want it on that floor, but I think Peeper thinks you are a big ol' plan thwarter. I think this, "Hey, I can just take off and walk!" thing just may revolutionize her world view. :)

  2. Actually, I let her run it on the little teeny patch of linoleum by the front door, and she did just fine. Don't know if we're ready to turn her loose with it in the kitchen yet, but at least she'd be able to go more than two feet without having "a wreck."

    Oh, and I think it's too funny that whenever she hits an obstacle and it won't go anymore, she leans over and starts spinning that barrel thing. Maybe it's just something to do, but it looks like she's checking the engine or trying to jump start it or something.


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