Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daily Peep: Shake Shake Shake

At the beginning of this video, Peeper is playing with the shaker from her Kindermusik class.

At the end is a great example of her "Incredible Hulk" move when she gets frustrated with the fact that she can't get up and walk all by herself. Watch her little arms and fists.

She's also signing "more" which she seems to be using to mean "do whatever it is that I happen to want at the moment (and do it fucking now, bitch!) because it's the only sign she has so far.


  1. I think she is ticked that the book won't make noise like the shaker, not even when she bites it. After all, Mama makes noise when she bites HER. She checks out a few other things, but she wants that book and she wants it to MAKE NOISE. "Make it make noise like the shaker Mama. And do it NOW!" :)

  2. You may have a point. She was definitely shaking the book, wasn't she?

    She does that move anytime she wants something that she can't do on her own.

    Not after she's said "Eh eh eh" for a while, but immediately.

    She goes right to "you wouldn't like me when I'm mad."

    It's a little worrisome.


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