Sunday, September 6, 2009

Daily Peep: Brushy Brushy Brushy

We started brushing Peeper's teeth a few weeks ago, back when we were actually only brushing her tooth.

It's a team effort. First I hit the actual teeth, using a fingerbrush, then she chews on her Big Girl Toothbrush (with The Lorax on it) for a while, then we take turns for a while.

She really enjoys it, and I hope she keeps that up!

In other toothy-news, her fifth tooth (top left lateral incisor) might have broken through. I can't quite feel anything sharp with my finger, but if I carefully run my nail along it, I think I can feel a couple of serrations. I'll check again tomorrow, and fully expect that it will be through by then.

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  1. Man, she's just got the big girl thing coming and going! :)


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