Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Okay, baby signers - what do you make of this?

Am I seeing things? Is she just trying to clap, or is she signing "more?"


  1. Sure looks like 'more' to me! Showed it my hubby too and he said "definitely". Wtg Peeper!

  2. Interestingly, it looks more like the British sign for 'more' than the American one. Maybe she's cultivating a British accent? But there definitely seems to be intent behind it - she knows what she's asking for. I say no accident or coincidence. Way to go, Peeper!

  3. I'd say she's saying 'More' loud and clear!!!! Way to go, Peeper!!!!!!

  4. Vee - It's probably the Baby Led Weaning - all the resources I've found are British :-)

    I've read that many babies will sign "more" more like "again" which makes total sense in that the concepts (and signs) are so similar.

    But we've really not been signing "again" to her, so I think it's just a matter of coordination rather than confusion between the two.

    We just sign it back correctly and figure she'll clean it up over time, just like with speech.

    Or, as long as we know what she means, that's fine. We're not trying to make her fluent in ASL.

  5. Maybe she wants to sign British so she can talk to her little 1/4 British cousins. :D

  6. She's ever so good!! Agree she's using BSL not ASL. Well done, Peeper!!

  7. So cute! And definitely "more"!


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