Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daily Peep: You Make the Call

I'm thinking of entering a photo contest for a calendar of babies wearing cloth diapers.

I love this one, but they have to be horizontal.

Also, it would feel kind of weird to use a pre-surgery photo of unscarred-Peeper. It's just not her, you know?

So, I took a few more tonight. Which one should I enter?

Or something else altogether?

It just has to be a horizontal photo of a baby in a cloth diaper.


  1. They are all great. Maybe #2 then #1 then #3. But I could just as easy change the numbers around. Do NOT hesitate to send one with her zipper. It is part of who she is and we will never be embarrassed about it. Do not ever want her to be, though when she is a teenager she will be embarrassed about everything, so why not that too. Anyhow, I like the pictures.

  2. Agreed. I like #3 ok, but it actually loses points with me for not showing the zipper :-)

  3. Yep, of course I still love #1. I wondered if the perspective would work to turn it sideways... but not really, oh well.

    What about something where she is stting with all of the diaper piled around her, kind of an updated #1? Maybe playing with some of them.

  4. Also, doesn't it look like I took the baby from photo #1 and inflated her for the other photos?


What say you?