Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daily Peep: Swimming Gear

That bag (which is much larger than the child) contains our gear for swimming lessons:

For Peeper - Swim diaper, baby wetsuit, clean diaper, couple of washclothes in case she's poopy when we arrive, 2 towels. She wears regular clothes/diaper to the pool and changes when we arrive. She puts back on the same outfit, with a clean diaper, to come home.

For Mama - Underwear, bra, nursing tank, 2 towels. I wear my bathing suit with shorts & shirt over it to the pool and just strip down when we arrive. I put back on the same clothes with real underwear to come home.

When we get home, it all goes in the wash, and the bag waits on top of the dryer. When everything is dry, it goes right back in the bag for the next session.

Now that we've got the system all worked out, the class is over.

We actually got rained out tonight (can't swim when it's lightning, even though the pool is indoors), so we got all dressed just to sit around and wait.

And to get her certificate of completion!

The next class starts in mid-September, just once a week. I think we're probably going to sign up again.

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  1. Of course. You can't waste a perfectly good system once you've got it all worked out.

    Congrats on your first certificate of completion Peep, many more to come. :)


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