Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Peep: Kicked Back

Lately, Peeper's been starting to protest (in the form of the stiff-back maneuver) when I put her in the the highchair.

Usually, after I tell her a couple of times that, "You don't have to eat anything, but it's lunch/dinner/whatever time, so we're going to sit at the table," she relaxes and let's me buckle her in.

(Does the telling matter? I have no idea, but I figure it can't hurt.)

Then immediately starts smiling and banging on the table, and usually eats at least some of whatever I offer her.

But she insists on using her feet to push her chair back from the table, and then sit like this:

Oddly enough, none of the four photos I took caught her looking anything but sleepy or pissed off, but in reality, she continues to give me a big old squinty-eyed grin everytime I point the camera at her and the red-eye reduction light starts flashing.

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