Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daily Peep: Accessories

When we set up Peeper's exersaucer, I told Shrike, "Hey, look - it's got a place to keep her sippy cup and Cheerios!"

We had a good laugh over that because, at the time, it seemed about as necessary as a place to keep her reading glasses and AARP card.


And now, just for AuntieKay - The Cheerio Report:

Her pincer grasp is not quite perfect yet, but she's found a work-around.

She picks one up between her thumb and the side or middle of her forefinger and/or middle finger, brings it to her mouth, sometimes transfers it back and forth between her hands a time or two (sometimes using a much more precise pincer grasp at some point) and then uses one finger to push it from her other hand into her mouth.

It's not pretty, but it seems to work.

(Pay no attention to the meat and barbecue sauce all over her face.)


  1. Well, if you just coat her in BBQ sauce first, she will have no need for a pincer grasp.

    Got to lov'em some Cherrios though. Got a box right here. :)

  2. True. Kind of negates the whole "just toss 'em some Cheerios and go" benefit, though.

  3. Yeah, that it does. I like the little Cheerio containers you can buy to carry them in now. We had to make do with Ziplocs. I know I had some little Tupperware containers, but I seem to remember Ziplocs full of Cheerios. That was in the prehistoric days before Gladware.

  4. The better to get crushed to dust in the diaper bag....

  5. I was just trying to figure out what all the crumbs in my purse are from...


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