Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby's First Bee Sting

Peeper got up this (yesterday) morning around 10:45, and I handed her off to Shrike and went back to bed for a little while longer.

When I got up, around 11:30, they were playing happily in the living room.

"Oh," said Shrike, "She got stung by a bee."


It seems that they were walking in the backyard, in one of the less clovery areas actually, when Peeper suddenly burst into tears.

Thinking she'd stepped on a sharp twig or something, Shrike looked at her foot - and found a stinger.

By the time I got up, she'd removed the stinger, tried to put ice on it (although Peeper wasn't too keen on that), put some anti-itch stuff on it and given her Tylenol.

I pretty much missed the whole thing.

She did give her to me to nurse, telling her that "Some goody will make it all better," so at least I felt like I'd done something.

This is what it looked like then, within the first hour. Notice that her left foot (on the viewer's right, of course) is a bit red and swollen in the arch. It's a little hard to tell in the photo.

It doesn't seem like it's bothering her too much, but about four hours after the first dose of Tylenol, I noticed that she was walking flat-footed with the other foot, and tippy-toed with that one (I think. She's still pretty random on how her little feet hit the ground.) so I gave her some more.

She got another dose later and we'll probably give her one more before bed, just for good measure, so it doesn't disturb her sleep.

(Whoops. Forgot to do that and she's already asleep. Oh well.)

This was taken this evening, about twelve hours after the sting.

It really is about that red, but it's not very swollen at all and, of course, she's had no other reaction, so we're pretty relieved about that.

Shrike's dad is pretty seriously allergic to bees, so now that she's been sensitized, we will watch very closely the next time she gets stung.

And will think about finding her some shoes for walking around in the grass.


  1. Poor baby! Give her tootsie a kiss for Auntie Kay.

  2. Aww!! poor Peep!!!! I'm glad to hear she's not allergic (at least right now). Her tootsie's are adorable!!!

  3. Less red, not swollen, doesn't seem to be bothering her.

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  5. Damp baking soda is supposed to help; don't know if it really does. Our internet was down for a day and I am not alerted to a medical emergency like this! How did we manage in the olden days when you were little?

  6. Wait, let me just straighten out my head after it spun around on my neck a few times. Did you say you got up at 11:30??????? WHAT?

    I know I should be writing about the bee sting (and good job Shrike on the bee stinger removal and whatnot. Brava, Mama!) But back to the more important note...

    DID YOU SAY YOU GOT UP AROUND 11:30? I'm so jealous. The baby woke up at 10:45? Wow. I want to move to your planet. The latest I've been able to sleep in in the past 4 years is 9am. And that was super-late. Wow. You are a lucky woman.

  7. Ah, but you have to understand that Shrike works until midnight, gets home around 1 am, and we're lucky if Peeper's asleep by 2:30 and then I'm usually still up til 3 am or later.

    Shrike's usually gone on to bed around 2 am, so she gets up with Peeper and lets me sleep in, usually til the next time Peeper needs to nurse.


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