Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Proofing: Cushioning The Blow

Last week, we invested in a few pool noodles to protect Peeper's noodle.

The coffee table in our living room is massive. Not only does it cover a lot of area, but it's taller than most, and comes right at eye level on Peeper, so I've been particularly nervous about her hitting it.

Not any more.

She loves to stand holding onto the handles of this file cabinet in the office, which works really well, since they don't come flying open like most drawers would.

However, she's already hit her head on my desk once (before the padding was installed) so this was definitely on the list of places to be noodled.

And it seemed reasonable to use the other half of the noodle to do Shrike's desk as well.

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  1. Any Italian in your family, perchance? Thank goodness this never occurred to my dad - he'd have had every corner in the house padded! :) Though my mom might have preferred that to the pillows that he followed the kids with - padding every corner as they approached it.


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